Motoguo Spring Summer 2023
‘Para-Para Phantasia’

ADC Award 2024 Silver Cube / Illustration
D&AD 2024 Wood Pencil / Animation / 2D Digital
D&AD 2024 Shorlist / Illusrtation / Animated

Music produced by: Jackson Lim @itsjckson

Heavily inspired by whimsical childhood familiarity and the idea of imaginary friends, it is only natural for our “Para-Pará Phantasia” campaign to take form in a dreamy 2D animation set in a phantasia world inspired by the interior of our physical studio based in Malaysia and motoguo’s universe as a whole. It was an absolute match made in heaven to have @spacedawg work closely with us on bringing our vision to life through his unique gifts in making 2D characters metamorphose before our eyes, leaving an indelible impression. 

“Para-Pará Phantasia”’s overarching theme is extracted from one of our creative director, Kinder’s personal experience of a dream birthed from a looming source of intense stress. The fine line between reality and dream state is further blurred when he experiences a foreshadowing of events that links closely to his predicament in real life. This bizarre phenomenon brought forth the season’s theme of dreams and imagination as we flirt with the idea of “Phantasia”.

As the underlying theme of “Phantasia” extends itself to the appearance of imaginary friends, personification of toys, crayon marks and hidden easter eggs are adopted abundantly to showcase the presence of an imaginary figure lurking around the collection. The erratic yet imaginative eyes of a child is expressed through the mesmerizing tapestry of colors, shapes and mind bending transitons in this animated campaign.

These handful of designs you see here are only a glimpse of the phantasia we've created for this collection, head over to our webstore to view the full collection in all its glory.